The Benefits of Last Minute Flights

For some people, a spontaneous trip ignites their sense of adventure. Other times, life throws a curveball and last minute is the only option.  While most people prefer to secure their travel plans ahead of time when possible, booking last minute can result in great deals.

How Can I Find Last Minute Flight Deals?

There are many reasons why someone might need to book a last minute flight. Whether it’s for business, a family-related event or a spontaneous getaway, most travelers run into this situation soon enough. But making these kinds of plans does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. When you’re looking to get away and need a last minute flight, here are some tips from seasoned travelers.

  • Remain flexible – This includes both the airport you’re using and the destination, when possible. Last minute travel is a great opportunity to learn about a city you’ve always wanted to see. Traveling during the off-season and being open to new cities increases the likelihood of finding last minute flight deals.
  • Travel mid-week – Sometimes even the difference of a day can save you lots of money when booking flights. If your schedule allows for it, avoid arriving or departing on weekend days.
  • Look for special promotions – Otis Travel gives you access to special deals at the last minute that suit your preferences. Your travel agent will be able to use a range of strategies to find you the best deals possible.

Pack Your Bags!

Ready to book your next trip? Consider what travel destinations are on your wish list. Contact us for the best deals on last minute flights today. Whether you’re looking for domestic or international travel, you’ll be on your way before you know it.